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You might be unfamiliar with the fact that there is radioactive gas in the crawl spaces of your house. This gas tastes less, and you cannot smell it. All these properties of this radioactive gas make it more dangerous as it can be a secret killer for you. This gas is radon, a highly radioactive element that emits radiation like any other radioactive element like plutonium. Breathing in the presence of Advanced radon for so long can cause lung cancer and lead to numerous other dangerous health issues.

Radon is the second biggest cause of lung cancer among the native Americans who get exposed to it for a long time. Moreover, about 20,000 people become a victim of this gas every year. Studies available show that young kids and older adults are susceptible to radon and might get affected by it the most.

However, as this gas tastes less and odors less, how will you ever be able to tell about the presence of radon in your home. Well, you should not worry, as there are advanced radon mitigation  systems available that can help you identify the presence of radon. Moreover, you can also consider hiring professionals who can test the presence of radon and minimize your risk of radon exposure.

Testing the Presence of Radon at Home

Keep in mind that radon gas is not artificial, and it occurs in nature. Radon is a reason for the breakage of uranium, and as uranium is present in every type of pf soil, the presence of radon can be regular in every soil.

Radon can be present in the groundwater and well water as well. Moreover, it can also enter your home through the fractures that might be present in your home’s foundation. It shows that you should never think automatically that your home will be radon-free.

Whether you live in a modern home or an old one with a basement, there are chances that the radon gas will be present in your home. It is why you must attempt to find the presence of radon in your home. One thing that you can do is to hire professional radon testing services.

Moreover, there are also specific kits available that can help your radon test. You can receive these kits from the local country or contact state health officials for the equipment.

Benefits of Hiring Radon Mitigation Services

Radon might enter your home from the soil through the cracks and holes and can be dangerous for you and your family. Radon can have a toxic effect on your health and can cause danger to your body. Therefore, you must start performing actions to remove radon gas from your home.

Before buying a new home, building a property, or selling your own home, you should consider testing the house for the presence of radon. Checking for the existence of radon gas is not in law but by testing radon, you can enhance the credibility of your home.

Moreover, if, during the inspection, the inspectors find out about the high level of radon in your home, it can be a sticking point in sale negotiation. It is why you must have a radon system in your home. There are numerous benefits of advanced radon mitigation.

Let us talk about some of these benefits one by one.

Radon Mitigation Increases the Value of Your Home

If you want to increase the value of your home, you should consider investing in radon mitigation. The reason is that through the radon mitigation system, you can enhance the selling point of your home. Therefore, if you want to benefit from the radon mitigation services, you should consider hiring professionals. Professionals have years of experience, and they can help you make an informed decision about your radon problem at hand.

Radon Mitigation System Helps You Get Mind Peace

By testing the radon in your home, you can take corrective measures and reduce its level for a long time. The story of radon in your home can fluctuate throughout the year. Moreover, it can also change drastically because of the new cracks in your home basement. For example, if your home has radon of 3.0 pCi/L, in some years, it might change and increase up to 4.0 pCi/L.

Usually, people might not care about taking immediate action on the sudden increase in the level of radon in your home. However, some people might get concerned. With the radon mitigation system, a person can assess the level of radon in the house and bring peace of mind.

Radon Mitigation Level Allows You to Reduce Mold Growth

In some neighborhoods, you can find numerous homes with open crawl spaces. These crawl spaces can be a primary reason radon gets into your home. By hiring professional help, you can install a radon mitigation system in your home.

You can also hire professionals and take their help in sealing the crawlspaces of your home. By filling your crawl space, you can keep the radon from getting into your home. Radon can help you eliminate the musty smell that you might be experiencing. Another benefit is that sealing the crawl space can create a vapor barrier.

A vapor barrier will allow you to reduce the basement’s moisture level. Into only will the sealing help you enhance the environment of your home, but your air quality will also strengthen. With the reduced vapor in your home, you will be able to keep the mold and mildew away from your home.

Bottom Line

When buying a new home or building one, you should always hire professionals to inspect soil. Through soil inspection, you can check radon availability in your home. However, keep in mind that checking the earth might not wholly rule out the possibility of the presence of radon in the soil.

After complete construction, there are still chances that the radon will infiltrate your home. Moreover, it might also accumulate over time. Therefore, it is also essential to test the soil for radon even after the completion of the house.

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