Survival Gear

Life is unpredictable, so we should always stay well prepared for the challenges we might face. We should remain prepared with Survival Gear for unfortunate events like earthquakes, rainstorms, or snowstorms.

In such situations, you might be unable to drive on the roads. Moreover, the phone might not work, and you don’t know what will happen next. Planning and staying prepared for emergencies can help you stay safe and survive.

You can stay prepared for everything by putting together an emergency kit to help you deal with the situation while remaining calm. Let us look at the essential items you must have to survive an emergency. You can also find many other important items to keep in your survival kit by searching for survival gear online.

Now let us talk about the essential items you can keep in your emergency kit.

Nonperishable Food

The most important thing you must have with you is two to three days’ perishable food supply. You can check your cupboards and see if you have can food available. The food you take for camping can also be a good option for you to survive in the case of an emergency.

You should have ready-to-eat options available that don’t require refrigeration and cooking. Nonperishable snacks and canned food are excellent choices for you. However, if you have a stove and fuel in your emergency kit, you can consider using freeze-dried backpacking meals.

Adequate Water Supply

You must have access to clean drinking water in the case of an emergency. You can read recommendations given by the government regarding the gallons of water you must have per person if you want to survive for at least three days.

However, if you already have the water supply at your home and the jugs to carry it, you can fill them up and keep the water in your access. You can also consider having water treatment tools with you if you have to purify the water before drinking it. You can have a filter, purifier, and other chemical treatment options if you want to drink clean water.

Lantern or Head Lamp

You will need the headlamp or lantern in case the lights go out. The lantern will save you from stumbling around in the dark. You can also stash an extra headlamp with charged batteries in it. You can also keep a different set of backup batteries just in case. Some lanterns have a hand crank, saving you the worry of running out of fuel.


In an emergency like an earthquake, you might need medical supplies to treat some minor injuries on time. You can either assemble your emergency kit or buy a premade one from the market.

Either way, you must ensure that the emergency medical kit includes particular medication and enough supplies for everyone in your home. You can learn about building your medical equipment online and take first-aid training from reputable institutes. Training will also allow you to understand the use of things present in your emergency kit.

Keep the Maps With You

In case of floods and storms, you might be unable to find your way across town. In such conditions, you can tale help from your GPS devices. However, these devices have a limit and depend upon battery. Therefore, you can consider having a map of your area in your hues, allowing you to navigate different places like emergency medical centers nearby.

Sleeping Bags

Usually, you might not have access to electricity or heat during an accidental situation. In such a way, if you live in an area with a cold temperature, you will need a warm sleeping bag. Having a warm sleeping bag will save you from the extreme cold, and you will stay warm for the night. However, if you don’t have enough space, you can keep an emergency blanket as it will be compact and save you from the cold in the same way.

Multiple Tool Kit

Having the right tools can save you from all problematic situations. For example, you can use the knife, blades, screwdriver, rope, scissors, and a can opener on numerous occasions when you are stuck. Moreover, depending on your space, you can also have multiple other tools with you. If you want to know the type of tools you can keep with you for an emergency, you can consider searching them online.

A Radio Set

If the power goes down, you might be unable to find out what is happening in the world. Therefore, if you want to stay updated with the things happening around you, you should consider having an old-school radio. The radio will help you assess the danger, and you will be able to identify when the help will reach you. Radio will keep you updated about the current weather conditions, and you will also be able to enjoy some good music


Usually, people don’t consider having an extra battery because they believe a smartphone is enough. However, if you don’t have electricity, your electronic devices will run out of battery in no time. In such a situation, you will need a portable power device. You can consider purchasing a portable battery pack that can provide you will find the electricity to charge your electronic devices. However, if you have nigger batteries, you might be able to start bigger appliances that you need at the time.

Bottom Line

It is a recommendation that you keep your survival gear together at a fixed place so that you can access it when required. Having everything in one place save you time, and you can get access to everything at once.

You can keep your supplies safe in a daypack and stay organized for any emergency. However, if you don’t have any daypack in hand, you can add all the essential things to your emergency kit.

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